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Journaling Prompts for Therapy

Journaling can be a therapeutic way for people to get their thoughts on paper and begin examining their feelings and behaviors. If you’re just getting started with your therapy journal or looking for a little more structure, here are some prompts to get you started. Maybe pick one or two and start slowly. Your prompt may not be on this list, but instead be something that reading this list inspires you to start writing about. Get curious about yourself.

  • Describe your day. How do you feel at this moment? What do you think is contributing to these feelings?

  • What is something you are grateful for today?

  • What does self-love look like?

  • Make a list of self-care practices that help you feel rejuvenated.

  • How do you feel when you are approaching burnout and what can you do to manage the feelings of stress and mental exhaustion?

  • Think about the last time you had a bad day. Why was it a bad day and what can you do to combat the negativity when it seems like things are going wrong?

  • Make a list of things you are grateful for and that bring you joy.

  • What boundaries do you need to set with yourself and others to ensure that you are putting yourself and your mental health first?

  • Think about a time when you experienced failure. What did you learn from it? Did any opportunities come from that experience?

  • Think about a relationship with someone in your life that makes you feel loved. How does this person or these people show you that they care? How do they speak to you and about you? Does this language reflect the way that you speak to yourself? If not, how can you practice treating yourself kindly?

  • What makes you feel loved and taken care of in a relationship? How do you show love in your relationships?

  •  What is a personal goal you are working towards? Why is it important to you and what steps have you taken towards achieving it?

These are just a few prompts to get you started and comfortable with writing down your thoughts and exploring your feelings. There is no right or wrong way to journal. It’s a process that is for you and can be adjusted so that it works for you! If you’re looking for a structured journal to help keep track of your therapy journey we recommend, “Making the Most of Therapy Journal" by LifeSpring Counseling Services.

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