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Michelle D Frank, PsyD

Michelle Frank, PsyD, takes an active, compassionate, and strengths-forward approach to help clients experience growth and healing. She specializes in working with individuals (teens and adults) and partners/couples impacted by ADHD and a wide range of challenges, including infidelity, emotional disconnection, conflict management difficulties, and the transition to parenthood.

Dr. Frank’s approach to therapy integrates empirically validated interventions such as CBT, mindfulness practices, and Gottman Method relationship work. She believes in the power of story, shared laughter, time spent in nature, creativity, community, and the mind-body connection to deepen healing. She enjoys infusing laughter whenever it meets the moment and is always open to integrating expressive therapies such as art, writing, or music if a client is so inclined.

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Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Director

Within individual work, Dr. Frank honors neurodivergence and strives to help clients do the same while also exploring tangible ways to support the unique challenges inherent in living with ADHD and other facets of neurodiversity. Her work traverses two paths: supporting ADHD and/or other mental health symptoms with a robust toolkit of coping skills, on the one hand, and doing a deeper dive into the often-unseen aspects of ADHD and neurodivergent life such as challenges with self-concept, shame spirals, emotion management, relationship patterns, communication of needs, and more, on the other.

In addition to working with ADHD, Dr. Frank enjoys working with young adults, creatives, athletes, and professionals navigating stress, life transitions, perfectionism, relational challenges, and points of “stuckness.” In general, her focus is on supporting clients in becoming more authentically themselves, with a deeper connection to mind, body, relationships, and the world around them.

Dr. Frank views the therapy space as a “co-creation,” where the client’s identities and life experiences are centered with care and therapeutic goals are identified, pursued, and evaluated together over time. She integrates cognitive behavioral therapy techniques (including ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) with mindfulness-based interventions through a humanistic lens.

Within the partner/couple space, Dr. Frank practices Gottman Method Therapy with couples/partners, which emphasizes research-based interventions to improve relationships. Dr. Frank utilizes expertise in ADHD that makes her an excellent fit for partners navigating its complexity. In addition, her approach to relationship therapy has a great deal of breadth and depth, and she often works with partners/couples not impacted by issues related to neurodiversity but who want to improve their emotional intimacy, manage their conflict, navigate a life transition together, increase relationship satisfaction, improve communication patterns, and deepen sexual intimacy, or rebuild trust.

Dr. Frank’s style is both direct and warm. She seeks to balance and explore the individual perspectives of each partner while simultaneously centering the relationship between them as the focus of therapy.

Dr. Frank is the co-author of A Radical Guide for Women with ADHD: Embrace Neurodiversity, Love Boldly, and Break Through Barriers, written in collaboration with Sari Solden. She is a graduate of The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and Marquette University.

Credentials & Training

  • Completed all three levels of Gottman Method training



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