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Drinking Outside

Alcohol and Substance Use Evaluations

The judgmental societal response to those experiencing alcohol and drug-related problems exponentially worsens the related pain and shame. When we incarcerate, punish, or cast a negative light on people it is not surprising that problems worsen in silence. Undoubtedly, an open and humane response helps those suffering and creates an environment where healing can happen.

A substance abuse assessment can be an opportunity for an individual to tell their story and understand themselves in a compassionate way. At Enrich Relationship Center, these evaluations are performed in a kind manner offering support to a hurting person. A detailed written assessment with treatment recommendations is developed to help individuals move forward with their lives.

Court-ordered assessments are completed and submitted quickly so that all court deadlines can be met responsibly. Tina L Nirk, PhD, LPC has appointments conveniently scheduled during evenings and weekends. Please contact her at

"Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced."


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